Beyond the Sea


After recovering from the events at the Black Feathers’ hideout with a good night’s sleep, the party split up for the morning. While Dustine and Lefitrey visited the market for supplies and parts, Kaimana and Izarra paid a visit to Veron the Aged in the hopes that he could shed some light on what they found.

Veron wasted no time in telling the pair that they were dealing with powerful forces, and suggested they get as far from town as possible. He was reluctant to elaborate at first, by the pair convinced him to tell his story. It turned out that Veron had a brother named Vernon, who he suspected may be the Vernias who penned the note found by the group. Veron repeatedly pleaded with the party to take whatever they found and leave quickly.

The group re-convened at the inn and, after wrapping the Ancient Axe in a blanket, they started on their way. Dustine, who picked up the axe originally, showed signs of obsession over it that caused her companions concern. It was quite clear that the axe wanted its wielder to use it to end lives. Lefitrey, who managed to hold a conversation with the weapon, discovered that it wants to harvest souls, but was unable to discover to what end.

The party decided to make for the city of Northshore, a 2 day walk north from Estmire. On the first evening, they camped just off the road, only to be attacked by bandits in the middle of the night. Izarra, who heard the bandits coming well before they reached the camp, woke the others and the fight was easily won. For their troubles, the party took 95 gold pieces and an Augmenting Whetstone from their fallen foes. While checking the bodies for treasure, Izarra became suspicious of the supposed bandits. They were armed with maces and wearing matching chain mail under their rough tunics; much more like soldiers than common thugs.


The party moved downstairs to the basement of the building where they slew 3 more Kenku who were waiting for them in the dark. Another Warrior, a Sneak, and a Ringleader. 120 gold pieces and a pair of Eagle Eye Goggles, which were donned by Kaimana, were found on the corpses.

On the desk, the party discovered a handwritten note to the duke, referencing an item that had been obtained for him.

A chest next to the desk was found to be locked and, after picking the lock, Kaimana discovered (the hard way) that it was also trapped. Inside the chest, an ancient-looking battle axe was found. Dustine picked up the axe, which proved to be an intelligent artifact. It spoke to her and expressed an interest in killing. She tried to place the axe back in the chest, but was unable.

While investigating the items they had found, the group was surprised by a lone Kenku Assassin. He was a skilled combatant, but the party overcame him and looted 20 gold pieces, a gem worth 100gp, and a pair of gauntlets that will be worn by Lefitrey.


After months of searching from town to town for information about the strange piece of paper they found in the chest, the party finally catches a break. Rumors point to a small city called Estmire, the seat of a minor duke and a very fine place to raise pigs. The group arrives in town and begins their investigation with the local taverns and town guards. While the guards offered little in the way of information, the bartenders clearly know something about the symbol. At the Red Mushroom, Izarra and Kaimana learn that a local elder named Veron would be able to tell them more.

The next morning, the party went to Veron’s house and, after showing him the page, were admitted hastily. Veron explained that the piece of paper was a calling card for a gang of thieves called the Black Feather. No run-of-the-mill gang, the old man further explains that the Black Feather counts wizards, and possibly even nobility, among its members. He also tells the group about a shop in the Butchers’ District that should be their next point of investigation.

The party heads to the shop. It has no sign out front, but is not boarded up. The windows are open and the shop appears to be empty. They decide to return in the evening to continue the search. After removing a trap from the door and picking the lock, the party enters the shop where, to their surprise, a pleasant voice calls from downstairs telling them it’s closed and to come back tomorrow.

The voice belongs to a Kenku, a race well-known for their ability to mimic sounds and voices. The Kenku charge up the stairs, but the party dispatches them handily, killing 2 Warriors and 3 Ruffians. The fight yields 130 gp, a Potion of Healing, and Boots of Stealth. Izarra put on the boots and held onto the coins, while the potion went to Dustine.


Farther down the road, the party encountered and defeated 2 Bullywug Twitchers and 4 Bullywug Croakers. After finding 2 pearls on the corpses of the Twitchers, and a bag of coins hidden under a log, the group continued down the road to the Bullywugs’ encampment.

The Bullywug Mud Lord and his pet Sporeback Frog were formidable opponents, but even teamed up with 2 Bloodthorn Vines, a common predator in the area, they were no match for our brave adventurers. After looting a Periapt of Proof against Poison off the late Mud Lord, the players investigated a large chest, only to find it locked. Kaimana made quick work of the lock, but instead of the weapon for which they were hunting, the chest contained only a single piece of parchment on which was printed a single black feather.


The players began their quest looking for an ancient and legendary weapon supposedly unearthed by a group of Bullywugs.

The players killed 2 Bullywug Muckers and 1 Bullywug Twitcher on the road. 60 gold was taken off the corpses and held by Izarra, the group’s chosen money handler.

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