Beyond the Sea


After recovering from the events at the Black Feathers’ hideout with a good night’s sleep, the party split up for the morning. While Dustine and Lefitrey visited the market for supplies and parts, Kaimana and Izarra paid a visit to Veron the Aged in the hopes that he could shed some light on what they found.

Veron wasted no time in telling the pair that they were dealing with powerful forces, and suggested they get as far from town as possible. He was reluctant to elaborate at first, by the pair convinced him to tell his story. It turned out that Veron had a brother named Vernon, who he suspected may be the Vernias who penned the note found by the group. Veron repeatedly pleaded with the party to take whatever they found and leave quickly.

The group re-convened at the inn and, after wrapping the Ancient Axe in a blanket, they started on their way. Dustine, who picked up the axe originally, showed signs of obsession over it that caused her companions concern. It was quite clear that the axe wanted its wielder to use it to end lives. Lefitrey, who managed to hold a conversation with the weapon, discovered that it wants to harvest souls, but was unable to discover to what end.

The party decided to make for the city of Northshore, a 2 day walk north from Estmire. On the first evening, they camped just off the road, only to be attacked by bandits in the middle of the night. Izarra, who heard the bandits coming well before they reached the camp, woke the others and the fight was easily won. For their troubles, the party took 95 gold pieces and an Augmenting Whetstone from their fallen foes. While checking the bodies for treasure, Izarra became suspicious of the supposed bandits. They were armed with maces and wearing matching chain mail under their rough tunics; much more like soldiers than common thugs.



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